How to Share Your Music to SoundCloud

How to Share Your Music to SoundCloud

Since it was founded in Sweden back in 2007, it’s safe to say that SoundCloud is arguably still one of the most favorable online music platforms to the date. It’s reported that SoundCloud still manage to have 175 million monthly users. All of that mean this platform still offers decent ways to promote your music. Here are the steps to share your music to SoundCloud.

1. Sign Up for SoundCloud Account
The first thing you need to do is go to the SoundCloud website and click on ‘upload your first track’. You’ll eventually have to sign up, but you can simply do it with your Facebook or Gmail account. Starting with SoundCloud is as simple as starting to be online in and play games at

2. Click Upload
Once you’re signed up, click ‘upload’ option on the top right bar. You’ll have to select choose the audio you want to upload in SoundCloud.

3. Title and Description
After choosing your file, the next thing you need to do is to give title and description of your track. Make sure you get this one right since you have no idea how many people can listen to your track. You’ll also have to select the genre of your track and enter the ‘additional tags’. This one step is also as important as the previous one the tags help listeners to find your song.
Therefore, you need to as specific as possible. The clearest example is if you upload a track with electronic dance genre, the relevant tags that you can enter are likely fun, upbeat, party, dance and electronic. This way, listeners will be easier to find your song.

4. Permissions
After you’re done with the title and description, you’ll need to decide the status of your track later by clicking on ‘permissions’ tab. There will be two choices available; private or public. If you choose public, listeners will be able to download your track. They can only listen via SondCloud if you decide to make it private.

5. Publish your Track
You’re almost there. Once you’ve finished and sure about the track, click the ‘save’ option to publish your track and make it visible on your profile.

6. Share to Social Media
To gain more listeners, you can also share your track via social media. Simply click ‘tracks’ on your profile and share your track to any social media like Facebook or Twitter.

No matter what year it is, SoundCloud is still a relevant online music platform for some people. Its simplicity is probably the main reason they can fit in this era.

How to Make Money from Online Music
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How to Make Money from Online Music

How to Make Money from Online Music

How to Make Money from Online Music – In this modern era, musicians don’t have to necessarily perform on stage to get paid. Especially in 2019, some musicians even get more income from online music platform rather than performing on stage. Even better, it’s not only musicians who can get paid from online music. In case you’re thinking about how it works, here are some ways about how to make money from online music.

1. Digital Streaming Revenue
In the last two decades, it’s safe to say that digital streaming is one of the reasons of UK’s biggest rise sale. One of the largest online music platforms, Spotify, kindly pay an average of 0,0044 pound per stream. It means if you manage to reach 1 million streams, you will necessarily get paid for over £4.000. That amount of money may sound a little, but that’s totally more than enough for amateurs and a lot when you try to earn money by betting online in

Besides, Spotify is the best way to gain more exposure, and a jumping-off stone to gain more money from live events as well. In 2017 alone, Spotify generated at least $40 million ticket sales, which means it’s a super effective entrance to much more streaming income from online music. Furthermore, that £4.000 income from 1 million streams will be much easier to earn than ever, thanks to magic the algorithm.

2. Youtube Revenue
It’s safe to say that people nowadays prefer to watch Youtube than any TV programs. This phenomenon leads not only musicians but also many people to start creating Youtube channel to get discovered. This way is surely much easier to do rather than sending off demo tapes to many labels, hoping to get called and signed. That approach is surely unnecessary in today’s digital era since we have Youtube that can works well both visually and audibly.

3. Instagram Musically
Not a long time ago, there were many people came with ideas to make Instagram such a beneficial platform. Instagram works differently with Youtube and surely you’ll make less money, but this platform is totally the best choice for beginners to start before you have enough viewers and followers. Once you’ve gained enough followers, it’s about time to create your own Youtube channel and bring it to the bigger stage.

Today’s digital era definitely offers many possible ways for us to make money from online music. Once you’ve got the right platform to go, it’s just a matter of time to pick your fruits.

Best Free mp3 Music Downloader Tools
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Best Free mp3 Music Downloader Tools

Best Free mp3 Music Downloader Tools

Best Free mp3 Music Downloader Tools – It’s not a secret that most of us would prefer to listen to offline music rather than being a paying member. In short, we like to download songs, save them to our phone and simply delete them when get enough. However, some of us still find it difficult to find proper mp3 downloader that allows us to download songs for free. If you’re one of them, here are some recommended free mp3 downloader tools for you.

On the top of the list is MP3jam, which is originally a Windows’ software. This downloader tool provides music searching feature and it can work with Youtube link as well. This downloader tool works best at ranging appropriate algorithms that eventually organize and filter Youtube’s searching results, placing popular songs on the top lists.

What makes MP3jam favorable is that not only you can download a song from here, you can also download a full album of any artists you want in mp3 audio format. Moreover, this downloader tool is speedy yet lightweight. It takes less than a minute to download a full mp3 album with this downloader tool.

Songr is basically another software from Windows that allow people to search and download songs. In case you don’t khow how to find it, simply go to Softonic. Although this downloader tool provide functional interface, Songr can still deliver without any flaw. In searching the music files, this downloader tool uses all the available web.

That’s the main reason why you’ll likely to see various sites in its search engine column. To find the song that you search there four types of keyword you can enter; title of the song, artists name, album name and even some parts of the song lyrics.

Another recommended free mp3 downloader tool for you is MP3 Rocket, which is actually a video converter, developed by Windows. In general, this downloader tool actually can only work with Youtube links as the source. However, you can purchase the PRO version if you want to get more features and higher quality for the downloaded songs.

In this digital era, everything is possible with the right tool. Although it’s actually an illegal action, most people still prefer to download songs using free downloader tools rather than being a paying member. It’s understandable considering the cost of paying member is sometimes out of the league.

Best Free Online Music Platforms
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Best Free Online Music Platforms

Best Free Online Music Platforms

Best Free Online Music Platforms – This digital era offers us many ways to enjoy online music. Today sees many music platforms allow people not only to listen but also promote their own songs to the platform. That’s one of the reasons why we have so many online music platforms to this day. Here is the list of best free online music platform you can enjoy in 2019.

1. Spotify
Who doesn’t know this music platform until now? With more than 83 million paying users and over 30 million tracks in the library, Spotify is one of the most profitable online music streaming platforms in the world at the moment and makes serious competition to online gambling site like in terms of active users numbers. Similar to how radio app works, free users are able to listen to free shuffled music with ad-supported surely.

Free users are also limited to find and listen to various tracks. In case you’re interested to be paying users, you can pay $10 a month and $15 for family plan. Paying users surely have the privilege to listen and save tracks, create customized playlists as well as enjoy many more Spotify features that free users can’t get.

2. Youtube
Although this platform works best for visual, many people go to Youtube to listen to free songs. There are some logical reasons why users prefer to go to Youtube when they want to listen to free online music. One of the reasons is Youtube allow users to listen or watch any videos they want to. Meanwhile, Spotify only provide limited tracks for free users to listen. In fact, free users still have to deal with ad in both platforms.

However, you can also be a paying user if you want to since Google have offered Youtube Music Premium for $10 per month. By being a paying user, you’ll surely get privilege that free users don’t get such as offline access and more exclusive content.

3. Pandora
This platform is technically an online radio app, but what makes it different than any other similar app is you can find more tracks and artists in Pandora. The more you listen to music and rate them, the more this app knows your preferable music genre and recommend you the tracks based on that. Generally, it’s the best online radio app you can enjoy.

The more online music platforms we find, the more choices we have to listen to free music. However, being a paying user always offers more features that free users don’t get.

Your Go-To Places for Listening Music Online for Free
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Your Go-To Places for Listening Music Online for Free

Slacker Radio

We need music in our free time as well as in our packed time. In short, we need music almost anytime. Realizing this need, we should know go-to places for listening music online for free so that we can easily reach our favorite music. Here are some of great recommendations for you:

Slacker Radio
Slacker Radio is actually similar to other websites for streaming music online. What makes this site similar to the others is its feature letting you to make custom radio stations that you can build around genres, songs, and artist you favor. Once you choose the kind of music you love listening, Slacker Radio will provide you similar music that is mixed with songs you have suggested.

TuneIn is simply another great go-to place for listening music online for free. TuneIn can help you find any local stations in your area and also the ones from anywhere else in the world. TuneIn can find you more than 100,000 stations! What is more, TuneIn can also help you browse sports, music, talk, and news genre so that you can discover anything from ambient, rock, and also religious music to even business news, tennis stations, up to travel radio stations.

And here is SoundCloud. It works by artists and users who upload music for you and other users to listen to for free. Through SoundCloud, you can explore sites with various genres such as Electronic, Disco, Ambient, and Country. SoundCloud also provides a search tool to fasten the search of tracks, artists, or bands that players like.

Whenever you feel you like to reach music with an genres, you now know where to go. Slacker Radio, TuneIn, and SoundCloud are your go-to places for listening music online that you shouldn’t doubt. Go find them online and listen to your favorite music!

Best Music Streaming Sites You Shouldn’t Miss
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Best Music Streaming Sites You Shouldn’t Miss


Many people with high need of music everyday sometimes find difficulties in finding best music streaming sites. They usually just end up with so-so sites that cannot accommodate their need of listening to their favorite artists or genres. But, it won’t be happen if you go to the following sites:

  • Deezer
    Let’s start with Deezer. This is a music streaming website that is so slick! It has plenty genres from which you can choose as well as fun pre-made mixes and also radio stations. You can play any individual songs or your whole collections or simply add music to your customized playlists at once. Those playlists can even be played back and shared with your friends. There is also a feature named most popular songs on Deezer in which you can find the most up-to-date songs. What is more, also comes for both compute and also mobile device. Deezer really enables you to enjoy music wherever and whenever you need.’
  • Tidal
    Next, you can also rely on Tidal for your daily need of music. Tidal is named to be the very first provider of music streaming service that supports High Fidelity music. However, to be able to listen to its high quality, you are required to have a great internet connection like 3G or 4G LTE. Such internet connection quality will enable you to experience Tidal’s HiFi music without being interrupted. Tidal is also named a music streaming website that is premium. To get the best experience in Tidal, you are recommended to use Google Chrome as your browser.

So, the best music streaming sites are not only about the giant music library but also about the quality. You are surely able to rely on those sites to accommodate your daily need of music. Go give them a try!

Recommended Sites to Listen to Music Online for Free
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Recommended Sites to Listen to Music Online for Free


Music is inseparable from our lives. We need music to infuse a little bit entertainment to our daily activities and sometimes to boost some spirits. Therefore, we need to know recommended sites to listen to music online for free. For people with high dose of music every day, take a look at the following sites:

Google Play Music
This site is one of the best places to listen to any kind of music online for free. This site is even deemed to be the fastest-growing place to find music online. Google Play Music has a very big music library in which you can find and then listen to any music. When visiting its giant music library, make sure you don’t miss checking the new releases or the top charts as those places are where the great and up-to-date music is located.


Next is Pandora. It is another great place to find and listen to online music from any of your favorite musicians out there. Pandora is even a greater place to find new music that you will more likely end up loving as well. Once you visit the site, enter a genre, an artist, or a composer and Pandora will create a streaming radio station online that is based on what you just entered. Don’t forget to visit Pandora’s Top Stations to find great music!

And here comes iHeartRadio, a great combination between a streaming service of custom music and a live radio app. Those two things are then combined to be an awesome app and website. You can listen to the site’s live radio stations by selecting the genre and the city you like and then the site will show you all of the stations matching your criteria of searching. Then you can start listening immediately.

No more confused about the right sites to listen to music online. Go to those recommended sites to listen to music online for free whenever you like!

Spot Your Favourite Songs with Spotify
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Spot Your Favourite Songs with Spotify

Spot Your Favourite Songs with Spotify

Being bored with the songs in your playlist? Want to listen to the new songs from your favourite singers? No worries, you can spot your favourite songs with Spotify easily. How? Here is the way that you can listen to your music.

• Download Spotify
Just start your search of new songs by downloading Spotify. You can download it from play store, app store, or from its official site. You will notice the app easily since the colour and the logo is really distinct. The app is also not so big so you can download it fast.

• Sign-up
After downloading the app, you should sign up to make your account in Spotify. It is so easy since you can use your google or facebook account to sign-up, then it will be finished in no time. This account will ease Spotify in memorizing your music preference so they can offer the playlist containing your music preference.

• Listen
Now, it’s time for you to listen to the songs. Just search your favourite singers or songs and start to listen. If you are in the free version, there will be an add every 30 minutes. If you want to get rid of it, just sign-up for the premium account but it means that you need to spend some money to pay for a free-ad account.

• Explore Playlist
If you are bored with your current playlist, you can explore other playlists that Spotify offers you. You can search for the playlist that similar to your music preference. You can also just go for the compilation playlist that contains many songs at once. No more boring music.

Now, download the app into your gadget and directly spot your favourite songs with Spotify. You can explore any kind of music that like and listen to them anywhere, anytime you want. No more boring playlist!

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Love A Song on YouTube? Just Loop It!

Love A Song on YouTube

Sometimes, there are songs that are only available on YouTube. It gets annoying when you need to pay to get its audio files or the artist is uploading exclusively on YouTube. Ever love a song on YouTube? Just loop it! Here’s how:

How to Loop YouTube in PC Browser
Looping YouTube videos is an old trick. But in case you don’t know how we have written the steps down:

– Open YouTube in your PC’s internet browser.

– Find the song on YouTube. This can be done by typing the song or video title on YouTube’s search bar and hit enter or click on the magnifying glass icon right next to the bar.

– Open the video.

– Right-click on the video player square and left-click the loop option.

– Congrats, the video now will play on repeat as long as the PC is connected to the internet and the browser is opened.

– How to Loop YouTube in Smartphone App

Well, looping on PC was easy. But what about doing it on the YouTube app on a smartphone? Since we can’t right-click it and find the loop option, there are other means we can try:

– Make a playlist. There is repeat option on YouTube playlist, both on the app or browser. So, if you want to loop a song, just put it to an isolated playlist, open the playlist, hit the ‘repeat playlist’ option, and voila!

– Use Listen on Repeat app. You can download it on Play Store. To use it, simply open the app, search the video, select the video, and it will loop as long as the app is opened. You can multitask with other apps as well.

So, back to the question from love a song on YouTube? Just loop it! It’s that easy, and it saves the hassle to download and open the audio file in another app. Plus, it looping videos help when you are listening through a public computer.

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Share Your Favorite Music with 4shared

Share Your Favorite Music with 4shared

Have a pile of good music in your laptop but only you that listen to them? You don’t need to pay in order to share your music, just share your favourite music with 4shared. What kind of app is that? Let’s find out.

• 4shared – Sharing app
Actually, this application is an app to share files with other users, not only limited to the song files but any kind of files such as documents or movie. However, this app is one of the well-known apps to download and share songs for free.

• Share Your Songs!
You just need an account to start sharing your favorite songs. Just sign up and you can upload whatever songs that you want. You just need ID and password, also e-mail. Then you just need to confirm your data and registration. You have a 4shared account now.

Of course, there is a limit for the file you can upload if you just use the regular account. If you want to upgrade your upload-quota, just buy and use the premium version and you can get bigger storage. There are several packages that you can buy, just choose one that fits your need.

• Download Songs? Yes, You Can!
If you search through this app, you may find other songs that catch your ear. You can listen to the songs first before downloading them. If you like them, you can directly download the songs for free but you need to wait for some minutes to finish the download. Again, a premium account is the answer. You will get the fast download and will finish in seconds.

What are you waiting for? Share your favorite music with 4shared now and let the world enjoy your music with you. No need to spend any money and your music can be accessed by anyone just in seconds.

Download Songs Legally Through These Sites
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Download Songs Legally Through These Sites

SoundCloudMusic, especially popular ones, often come with a price tag. But does that mean we will need money to hear good music? No! In fact, you can download songs legally through these sites! Get to know them:

– SoundCloud
SoundCloud is not just an app to stream and download songs, it’s a community. In other words, both indie and popular artist can join and upload their songs. That also means that other users can download them.

However, this feature doesn’t come without limitation. Downloadable contents are only available if the uploader consents to it. The good news is the no-download restriction is not special for the pop artist. There are some who shares downloadable contents as well. So, just tap the ‘download’ option when you found one and enjoy the song offline.

Jamendo– Jamendo
If you prefer to find budding talents, then Jamendo may be a better option for you. Jamendo is a free platform that let indie artists upload their pieces. These songs can be accessed, streamed, and even downloaded freely. You may find older pieces made by top artists here too. The app and website are available in six languages: English, Polish, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

QTRAX is a free music streaming and downloading website. As their slogan implies, ‘Free Now, and Free Forever’. QTRAX allows its user to find, follow, and download their favourite songs without any limit. Users can also make their own radio and playlist as they like. Currently, QTRAX is available on Window and will come very soon on Android and iOS.

Getting music free doesn’t mean downloading them illegally. There are tons of free songs you can discover through the sites above. Find your music taste and download songs legally through these sites!

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Best Apps to Stream Songs Online

Do you want to keep up and stream new songs? Well, there’s no need for any hassle, because we have the best apps to stream songs online reviewed below! Take your pick:

– Spotify
If you are looking for a versatile app that works on Android, iOS, and Windows PC, then Spotify is the one. This app lets its users make an unlimited playlist, listen to others’ playlist, and even create their own radio station in order to keep on getting song recommendation according to their interest.
Initially, it is free. In fact, every user can experience premium features for 30 days just after they made the account. After that, however, ads will play every few songs. If the apps are too annoying, then you can purchase a premium account with a good price.


– Pandora
Pandora may be more popular to iOS users; given that it is made by Apple. However, this app is available for Android, KindleFire, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and NOOK users. People can even access it through internet browsers.

What’s interesting in Pandora, other than users can make their own playlist and radio station is that there are pre-made radio stations that can be picked and users can rate the songs to input their preferences in the system.

Google Play Music

– Google Play Music
Most Android users should be familiar with this app. After all, Google Play Music is one of default app available on Android. That aside, it’s actually a very versatile music streaming app. Simply by choosing their preferred genre, users will get recommendations to their tastes. If that’s not enough, users can upload their own collection and access it through 10 different devices.

So those are the best apps to stream songs online. Yes, they are not fully free and ads will come now and then. But if you are so annoyed with them, there will always be an option to purchase a premium account. Which app do you like best?