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Best Apps to Stream Songs Online

Do you want to keep up and stream new songs? Well, there’s no need for any hassle, because we have the best apps to stream songs online reviewed below! Take your pick:

– Spotify
If you are looking for a versatile app that works on Android, iOS, and Windows PC, then Spotify is the one. This app lets its users make an unlimited playlist, listen to others’ playlist, and even create their own radio station in order to keep on getting song recommendation according to their interest.
Initially, it is free. In fact, every user can experience premium features for 30 days just after they made the account. After that, however, ads will play every few songs. If the apps are too annoying, then you can purchase a premium account with a good price.

– Pandora
Pandora may be more popular to iOS users; given that it is made by Apple. However, this app is available for Android, KindleFire, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and NOOK users. People can even access it through internet browsers.

What’s interesting in Pandora, other than users can make their own playlist and radio station is that there are pre-made radio stations that can be picked and users can rate the songs to input their preferences in the system.

– Google Play Music
Most Android users should be familiar with this app. After all, Google Play Music is one of default app available on Android. That aside, it’s actually a very versatile music streaming app. Simply by choosing their preferred genre, users will get recommendations to their tastes. If that’s not enough, users can upload their own collection and access it through 10 different devices.

So those are the best apps to stream songs online. Yes, they are not fully free and ads will come now and then. But if you are so annoyed with them, there will always be an option to purchase a premium account. Which app do you like best?

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