Best Free Online Music Platforms
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Best Free Online Music Platforms

Best Free Online Music Platforms – This digital era offers us many ways to enjoy online music. Today sees many music platforms allow people not only to listen but also promote their own songs to the platform. That’s one of the reasons why we have so many online music platforms to this day. Here is the list of best free online music platform you can enjoy in 2019.

1. Spotify
Who doesn’t know this music platform until now? With more than 83 million paying users and over 30 million tracks in the library, Spotify is one of the most profitable online music streaming platforms in the world at the moment and makes serious competition to online gambling site like in terms of active users numbers. Similar to how radio app works, free users are able to listen to free shuffled music with ad-supported surely.

Free users are also limited to find and listen to various tracks. In case you’re interested to be paying users, you can pay $10 a month and $15 for family plan. Paying users surely have the privilege to listen and save tracks, create customized playlists as well as enjoy many more Spotify features that free users can’t get.

2. Youtube
Although this platform works best for visual, many people go to Youtube to listen to free songs. There are some logical reasons why users prefer to go to Youtube when they want to listen to free online music. One of the reasons is Youtube allow users to listen or watch any videos they want to. Meanwhile, Spotify only provide limited tracks for free users to listen. In fact, free users still have to deal with ad in both platforms.

However, you can also be a paying user if you want to since Google have offered Youtube Music Premium for $10 per month. By being a paying user, you’ll surely get privilege that free users don’t get such as offline access and more exclusive content.

3. Pandora
This platform is technically an online radio app, but what makes it different than any other similar app is you can find more tracks and artists in Pandora. The more you listen to music and rate them, the more this app knows your preferable music genre and recommend you the tracks based on that. Generally, it’s the best online radio app you can enjoy.

The more online music platforms we find, the more choices we have to listen to free music. However, being a paying user always offers more features that free users don’t get.

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