Most Listened Songs During Pandemic Time

Most Listened Songs During Pandemic Time – 2020 has started rough with this pandemic, but this will not stop the artists to produce new songs and music. Even, this time, people find out that music can release their stress as well as stay positive during the current situation. If you are looking for new songs […]

The Best Music Streaming Service for You

Streaming music seems to be one of the most popular ways that people will chose whenever they want to enjoy some music in the recent time. It can really make the music fans all around the world have the access to their favorite songs in the much simpler and easier way through the different devices […]

Your Go-To Places for Listening Music Online for Free

We need music in our free time as well as in our packed time. In short, we need music almost anytime. Realizing this need, we should know go-to places for listening music online for free so that we can easily reach our favorite music. Here are some of great recommendations for you: Slacker Radio Slacker […]

Spot Your Favourite Songs with Spotify

Being bored with the songs in your playlist? Want to listen to the new songs from your favourite singers? No worries, you can spot your favourite songs with Spotify easily. How? Here is the way that you can listen to your music. • Download SpotifyJust start your search of new songs by downloading Spotify. You […]

Love A Song on YouTube? Just Loop It!

Sometimes, there are songs that are only available on YouTube. It gets annoying when you need to pay to get its audio files or the artist is uploading exclusively on YouTube. Ever love a song on YouTube? Just loop it! Here’s how: How to Loop YouTube in PC BrowserLooping YouTube videos is an old trick. […]

Download Songs Legally Through These Sites

Music, especially popular ones, often come with a price tag. But does that mean we will need money to hear good music? No! In fact, you can download songs legally through these sites! Get to know them: – SoundCloud SoundCloud is not just an app to stream and download songs, it’s a community. In other […]