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Download Songs Legally Through These Sites

Music, especially popular ones, often come with a price tag. But does that mean we will need money to hear good music? No! In fact, you can download songs legally through these sites! Get to know them:

– SoundCloud
SoundCloud is not just an app to stream and download songs, it’s a community. In other words, both indie and popular artist can join and upload their songs. That also means that other users can download them.

However, this feature doesn’t come without limitation. Downloadable contents are only available if the uploader consents to it. The good news is the no-download restriction is not special for the pop artist. There are some who shares downloadable contents as well. So, just tap the ‘download’ option when you found one and enjoy the song offline.

– Jamendo
If you prefer to find budding talents, then Jamendo may be a better option for you. Jamendo is a free platform that let indie artists upload their pieces. These songs can be accessed, streamed, and even downloaded freely. You may find older pieces made by top artists here too. The app and website are available in six languages: English, Polish, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

QTRAX is a free music streaming and downloading website. As their slogan implies, ‘Free Now, and Free Forever’. QTRAX allows its user to find, follow, and download their favourite songs without any limit. Users can also make their own radio and playlist as they like. Currently, QTRAX is available on Window and will come very soon on Android and iOS.

Getting music free doesn’t mean downloading them illegally. There are tons of free songs you can discover through the sites above. Find your music taste and download songs legally through these sites!

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