How to Make Money from Online Music
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How to Make Money from Online Music

How to Make Money from Online Music – In this modern era, musicians don’t have to necessarily perform on stage to get paid. Especially in 2019, some musicians even get more income from online music platform rather than performing on stage. Even better, it’s not only musicians who can get paid from online music. In case you’re thinking about how it works, here are some ways about how to make money from online music.

1. Digital Streaming Revenue
In the last two decades, it’s safe to say that digital streaming is one of the reasons of UK’s biggest rise sale. One of the largest online music platforms, Spotify, kindly pay an average of 0,0044 pound per stream. It means if you manage to reach 1 million streams, you will necessarily get paid for over £4.000. That amount of money may sound a little, but that’s totally more than enough for amateurs and a lot when you try to earn money by betting online in

Besides, Spotify is the best way to gain more exposure, and a jumping-off stone to gain more money from live events as well. In 2017 alone, Spotify generated at least $40 million ticket sales, which means it’s a super effective entrance to much more streaming income from online music. Furthermore, that £4.000 income from 1 million streams will be much easier to earn than ever, thanks to magic the algorithm.

2. Youtube Revenue
It’s safe to say that people nowadays prefer to watch Youtube than any TV programs. This phenomenon leads not only musicians but also many people to start creating Youtube channel to get discovered. This way is surely much easier to do rather than sending off demo tapes to many labels, hoping to get called and signed. That approach is surely unnecessary in today’s digital era since we have Youtube that can works well both visually and audibly.

3. Instagram Musically
Not a long time ago, there were many people came with ideas to make Instagram such a beneficial platform. Instagram works differently with Youtube and surely you’ll make less money, but this platform is totally the best choice for beginners to start before you have enough viewers and followers. Once you’ve gained enough followers, it’s about time to create your own Youtube channel and bring it to the bigger stage.

Today’s digital era definitely offers many possible ways for us to make money from online music. Once you’ve got the right platform to go, it’s just a matter of time to pick your fruits.

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