How to Share Your Music to SoundCloud

Since it was founded in Sweden back in 2007, it’s safe to say that SoundCloud is arguably still one of the most favorable online music platforms to the date. It’s reported that SoundCloud still manage to have 175 million monthly users. All of that mean this platform still offers decent ways to promote your music. Here are the steps to share your music to SoundCloud.

1. Sign Up for SoundCloud Account
The first thing you need to do is go to the SoundCloud website and click on ‘upload your first track’. You’ll eventually have to sign up, but you can simply do it with your Facebook or Gmail account. Starting with SoundCloud is as simple as starting to be online in and play games at

2. Click Upload
Once you’re signed up, click ‘upload’ option on the top right bar. You’ll have to select choose the audio you want to upload in SoundCloud.

3. Title and Description
After choosing your file, the next thing you need to do is to give title and description of your track. Make sure you get this one right since you have no idea how many people can listen to your track. You’ll also have to select the genre of your track and enter the ‘additional tags’. This one step is also as important as the previous one the tags help listeners to find your song.
Therefore, you need to as specific as possible. The clearest example is if you upload a track with electronic dance genre, the relevant tags that you can enter are likely fun, upbeat, party, dance and electronic. This way, listeners will be easier to find your song.

4. Permissions
After you’re done with the title and description, you’ll need to decide the status of your track later by clicking on ‘permissions’ tab. There will be two choices available; private or public. If you choose public, listeners will be able to download your track. They can only listen via SondCloud if you decide to make it private.

5. Publish your Track
You’re almost there. Once you’ve finished and sure about the track, click the ‘save’ option to publish your track and make it visible on your profile.

6. Share to Social Media
To gain more listeners, you can also share your track via social media. Simply click ‘tracks’ on your profile and share your track to any social media like Facebook or Twitter.

No matter what year it is, SoundCloud is still a relevant online music platform for some people. Its simplicity is probably the main reason they can fit in this era.

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