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Love A Song on YouTube? Just Loop It!

Love A Song on YouTube

Sometimes, there are songs that are only available on YouTube. It gets annoying when you need to pay to get its audio files or the artist is uploading exclusively on YouTube. Ever love a song on YouTube? Just loop it! Here’s how:

How to Loop YouTube in PC Browser
Looping YouTube videos is an old trick. But in case you don’t know how we have written the steps down:

– Open YouTube in your PC’s internet browser.

– Find the song on YouTube. This can be done by typing the song or video title on YouTube’s search bar and hit enter or click on the magnifying glass icon right next to the bar.

– Open the video.

– Right-click on the video player square and left-click the loop option.

– Congrats, the video now will play on repeat as long as the PC is connected to the internet and the browser is opened.

– How to Loop YouTube in Smartphone App

Well, looping on PC was easy. But what about doing it on the YouTube app on a smartphone? Since we can’t right-click it and find the loop option, there are other means we can try:

– Make a playlist. There is repeat option on YouTube playlist, both on the app or browser. So, if you want to loop a song, just put it to an isolated playlist, open the playlist, hit the ‘repeat playlist’ option, and voila!

– Use Listen on Repeat app. You can download it on Play Store. To use it, simply open the app, search the video, select the video, and it will loop as long as the app is opened. You can multitask with other apps as well.

So, back to the question from love a song on YouTube? Just loop it! It’s that easy, and it saves the hassle to download and open the audio file in another app. Plus, it looping videos help when you are listening through a public computer.

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