Most Listened Songs During Pandemic Time
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Most Listened Songs During Pandemic Time

Most Listened Songs During Pandemic Time – 2020 has started rough with this pandemic, but this will not stop the artists to produce new songs and music. Even, this time, people find out that music can release their stress as well as stay positive during the current situation. If you are looking for new songs to listen to, here are most listened songs during the pandemic time.
• Weeknd is in the Top of the Chart So Far
Based on the Official Chart, Weeknd with ‘Blinding Lights’ is in the peak position in the UK so far. This song was released back in November 2019 but got popular in early 2020. Weeknd becomes the Canadian’s first UK chart-topper by securing the first position in eight weeks consecutively. Up to now, this song is still streamed by many people around the world.

• Dua Lipa’s ‘Don’t Start Now’ Proves Its Existence
Dua Lipa enters the chart with this song at the end of 2019. Up to now, the song is hanging out in top-five and you know why. This song is quite addictive such as the games which make players addicted to them as well as the jackpots. People keep streaming this song and it makes Dua Lipa as a British female solo artist whose song can hang in the top 10 for a long time, 25 weeks for exact.

• K-Pop Starts to Grow
Pandemic doesn’t stop K wave especially in terms of music videos and new songs. Many K-Pop groups release their comebacks music video during this pandemic and blow up the internet. Although the number of streaming is not as big as the Western music artist, still you need to consider BTS, Blackpink, NCT, and other K Pop artists if you want to listen to something different. They will give you so much variety, as much as gives you various choices of the betting game.

• Kid’s Song? There is Baby Shark
If you have kids, they will love this cute song in no time. ‘Baby Shark’ by Pinkfong is already well-known throughout the world and it is still the most-streamed song for kids, both the audio and video. This simple song about a shark family is captivating, just like how simple online betting games from but still captivates players in no time. Enjoy the song with the dance and make a fun activity for your kids.

There are various songs to stream. You can find your favourite genre easily or just play the most popular songs in your streaming app then maybe you can pick out some new favourite songs.

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