Spot Your Favourite Songs with Spotify
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Spot Your Favourite Songs with Spotify

Being bored with the songs in your playlist? Want to listen to the new songs from your favourite singers? No worries, you can spot your favourite songs with Spotify easily. How? Here is the way that you can listen to your music.

• Download Spotify
Just start your search of new songs by downloading Spotify. You can download it from play store, app store, or from its official site. You will notice the app easily since the colour and the logo is really distinct. The app is also not so big so you can download it fast.

• Sign-up
After downloading the app, you should sign up to make your account in Spotify. It is so easy since you can use your google or facebook account to sign-up, then it will be finished in no time. This account will ease Spotify in memorizing your music preference so they can offer the playlist containing your music preference.

• Listen
Now, it’s time for you to listen to the songs. Just search your favourite singers or songs and start to listen. If you are in the free version, there will be an add every 30 minutes. If you want to get rid of it, just sign-up for the premium account but it means that you need to spend some money to pay for a free-ad account.

• Explore Playlist
If you are bored with your current playlist, you can explore other playlists that Spotify offers you. You can search for the playlist that similar to your music preference. You can also just go for the compilation playlist that contains many songs at once. No more boring music.

Now, download the app into your gadget and directly spot your favourite songs with Spotify. You can explore any kind of music that like and listen to them anywhere, anytime you want. No more boring playlist!

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